New Feature – Top Expiring Domains Watchlist

We’ve recently added another new feature to Generic Domain Finder. An expiring domains watchlist, showing the best expiring domain name listings happening within the next 24 hours. The listing compiles names across our 4 main databases – GoDaddy, NameJet, SnapNames, and PendingDelete.

It can be a pain to filter through each of these lists individually every single day, so to make it easier for domain investors, we put the best names all on a single listing.

The listing is updated every single hour, so check back several times a day, to see what the best possible available names are.

The usual search and filter options are available on the expiring domains page, to allow you to filter the extensions you’re interested, or other factors. In addition, we’ve added a ‘points’ data column. Points is a combination of appraisal factors, and desirability factors. The more extensions that are registered, the higher the desirability score, and the higher points score the domain will receive.

Listing expiration and drop times

As a domain investor in the expiring domains game, it’s important to be aware of the times that certain domain name listings expire every day. By being aware of these general times, it greatly increases your chances of snagging the best names that you want to pick up for your portfolio. Here are the key drop times to keep in mind (all times listed in EST):

  • GoDaddy – expiring domain names are generally staggered throughout the afternoon time, from 11am through 4pm EST.
  • PendingDelete – names are dropped between 2 and 3pm EST daily. Generally speaking, the drop happens in a span of about 30 minutes, but it’s hard to predict the exact time that any name will drop.
  • NameJet – backorders must be placed by 11pm EST daily. If there are other bidder for the same name, a 3 day competitive auction will take place.
  • SnapNames – backorders must be placed by midnight (12am EST) daily. If there are other backorders for the name, a competitive auction will be scheduled.

Of course, if you miss the domain name that you were following, there’s always a chance it won’t be registered by anyone, and you can pick it up for the cost of a registration fee. For those names, look through our listing of dropped domains.

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